Laptop Repairs

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As with a desktop system performance loss or failure in laptops falls into two categories, software and hardware.

Software problems can be caused by the operating system (Windows XP, Vista, windows 7, 8, etc) becoming corrupted, or Corrupt hardware drivers , virus’s, spyware or malware that has crept in suddenly or over time.
If the problem is software based we can remove virus’s, fix drivers, clean up or reinstall your installation and recover your data. In most cases a clean reinstall will fix 99% of the problems, restore your system to factory settings and it will run like brand new.

Hardware driver failure will usually result in a blue screen and the system shutting down to protect itself. Physical hardware failure is evident when systems will not turn on.
Laptops have many components and its usually only one or two that fail, only complete hard drive failure will result in the loss of your data, most of the time all personal data can be salvaged.

Common hardware problems
We have seen and can repair many common and uncommon problems, our main services include

Replacement lcd screens – commonly broken, dark/dim or cracked.
Hard drive repairs – partially damaged or failed hard drives can sometimes be recovered or can be completely replaced.
Fan failure – we can replace system fans that cause overheating of processors and random shutdown for thermal protection.
Ram – faulty ram can cause slow system startup or system failure.
Processor or motherboard failure – we can replace with new or refurbished parts to save costs.

Replacement battery service – call us for prices
Replacement laptop power supply service – call us for prices